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March 28th, 2016

First I have to start off by saying that DR. JASON SCHROTENBOER is hands down the best in his practice!!!
I had been putting off getting my wisdom teeth pulled out for abt a year cuz I was terrified abt the entire procedure & the fact that I had to get 2 taken out scared me even more but it was time to get them out so I scheduled an appt.  w/Dr. Schrotenboer,  best decision ever.  In my consultation he made me feel very comfortable and explained everything to me and how he would go abt the entire procedure.  I told him I get very nervous & was terrified because of all the horror stories & since I opted for G.A,as he recommended would be a better choice for me,  I was super nervous just thinking abt the fact that I would be put to sleep but once again he re assured me that I will be just fine.  I left the office feeling confident that I wanted this procedure done with Dr. Schrotenboer.  Surgery day came & it was a piece of cake,  I felt that I just blinked & everything was over . Just as he assured me everything went great & he took good care of me. After the surgery I felt no pain what so ever ! He is definitely your go to.


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