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Los especialistas quirúrgicos de la profesión dental, Cirujanos Orales y Maxilofaciales están capacitados ampliamente en todos los aspectos de la administración de anestesia. La capacidad de proporcionar a los pacientes una anestesia segura y eficaz ha distinguido la especialidad desde su creación. La tecnología actual permite realizar procedimientos tanto simples como complejos en un entorno de oficina, manteniendo la máxima comodidad y seguridad para paciente.

En ORA® Surgery and Implant Studio, en Chicago el Dr. Koos ofrece una amplia gama de niveles de confort con todos los procedimientos en entorno de oficina tanto para adultos como para los niños. En su consulta el Dr. Koos discutirá las mejores opciones de anestesia para usted en función de la complejidad del procedimiento y el nivel de comodidad necesario. La utilización de medicamentos suaves que son bien tolerados y se metabolizan rápidamente permite procedimientos seguros y cómodos, con una recuperación rápida y suave.

Durante el procedimiento, uno o más de los siguientes métodos pueden ser utilizados para eliminar el malestar y la ansiedad: sedación antes de la cita, anestesia local, el óxido nitroso (gas hilarante), sedación ligera intravenosa y la anestesia general. Frecuentemente los pacientes describen sus sentimientos durante los procedimientos como cómodos y sorprendentemente agradables.


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ORA Oral Surgery & Implant Studio, Dentist - Dental Implants, Chicago, IL
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Chicago ? Jessica P. Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Koos and his team at ORA are incredible. It’s a shame he isn’t in a field where you would need to see him on a regular basis, because he is one of the best medical professionals i’ve ever experienced. He took his time to explain everything during the consultation, his team played some good [...]
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Chicago ? Cheryl S. Chicago, Illinois. I’m pleased to say they fixed the tooth. They worked to assure me they’ll continue to help; if any issues arise in the future. Let’s hope they’re aren’t any!
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Chicago ? Rahul L. Chicago, Illinois. As far as wisdom tooth extraction goes, I had an excellent experience with Dr. Schrotenboer. Understandably so, I was not looking forward to it, and had been putting it off for a while. The previous oral surgeon I consulted with was abrasive and impatient with my questions and it did nothing but increase my anxiety. [...]
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Chicago ? Zahra H. Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Koos was phenomenal. I had 1 consultation before him and wasn’t a big fan but Dr Koos won me over instantly as a loyal patient who has referred a couple people thus far. I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth and, while they were not causing pain, he sat with me and talked to me [...]
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Chicago ? Jessie B. Chicago, Illinois. I have been to Ora surgery twice- first to get a tooth extracted, and following to get a screw put in for an implant. I can’t say enough positive things about this place! The receptionists are all very friendly and informative. The decor, and ambiance of this place feels like a spa. Dr. Jason has [...]
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Chicago ? Victoria P. Chicago, Illinois. An incredibly gifted oral surgeon. Dr. Schrotenboer provided me with a thorough explanation both during my consultation and the day of my wisdom teeth extraction. He is patient and detailed when answering his patient’s questions, and definitely establishes trust with his patients. The staff and the office is the perfect environment you’d ever want to [...]
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Chicago ? Katie S. Chicago, Illinois. This has to be one of the best oral surgery offices in the city. I’m impressed with the design, staff and friendliness of the office (esp lily!). It was super easy to make an appointment too. Dr. Schrotenboer is very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. He put my mind at ease and was very [...]
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Chicago ? Olia D. Chicago, Illinois. The best Dental Experience I’ve ever had! I got 3 wisdom teeth removed. They used laughing gas for this procedure. It basically makes you feel like you can touch the sealing and it makes the whole going to sleep thing a lot easier! I had all for impacted get plenty of rest!
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Chicago ? Yaya M. Chicago, Illinois. First I have to start off by saying that DR. JASON SCHROTENBOER is hands down the best in his practice!!! I had been putting off getting my wisdom teeth pulled out for abt a year cuz I was terrified abt the entire procedure & the fact that I had to get 2 taken out scared [...]
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Chicago ? Caitlin M. Chicago, Illinois. I just had 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled here this morning. At 28 years old, I had been putting off this procedure for a looooong time. Had I known it would be so easy, I would have done it years ago! I wish every dental procedure was so good! I have nothing but positive [...]
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