Eco-friendly limousines? An earth-loving dental spa?
Meet six Chicago businesses you’d never think of as green.

These days in Chicago, everyone from salon owners to limo company VPs — luxury-based business leaders you would never expect to launch headfirst into the pro-environment movement — are taking the stand: Go green, stay glam. And it’s working like a charm (made of metaphorical recycled metals of course)…

Steven Koos, co-founder of the new ORA® Dental Studio, pauses as he walks down the mint-and-tan hallways of his South Loop practice — which, too glamorous for a dentist’s office, boasts features like Energy Star HDTVs in every treatment room. But Dr. Koos is more eager to show off the Demolizer II, a machine that uses dry heat to dispose of medical waste, eliminating the hazardous fumes of incineration. The Northwestern grad has inCorporated countless other green aspects into ORA®, including digital, lead-free X-rays…

Dr. Koos and Kralj will open a Wicker Park studio by early 2010. For Chicago at least, it seems like there are greener days ahead.


Dr. Koos was caring and professional.

Great experience from start to finish. Dr. Koos was caring and professional, making an otherwise uncomfortable experience as pleasant at possible.

thumbnail image of Caitlin Marcordes
Caitlin Marcordes

Pleasantly surprised by post-surgery follow up

It was a pleasure to have straight forward information provided and constant follow up after my surgery. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Dr. Steven Koos late at night to make sure I was having a healthy recovery. And the cherry on top of the ice cream was how updated the office was. State of the art equipment that I had no doubt I was in good hands.

thumbnail image of Heidi Ramirez
Heidi Ramirez

Great place and great staff.

Great place and great staff. I was well informed about the entire procedure and the follow up process. I also felt very at ease knowing the doctor called me later in the day and him providing me his number in case anything happens.

thumbnail image of Jim Morrissey
Jim Morrissey

Dr. Koos is the best!

I love it here! Everyone is so kind and attentive! Dr. Koos is the best!

thumbnail image of Joanne Salem
Joanne Salem

They took great care of me.

I had an amazing experience. I went in scared and in pain and honestly they took great care of me. I would definitely be going back for any dental need. They are friendly and make you feel at ease.

thumbnail image of Katharyn Savary
Katharyn Savary

Earns my trust for comfort and care

I had two implants, a sinus lift and one other procedure within the last year or so. I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Koos and his staff. I was well informed about my needs and next steps. And more importantly, all went well with very little discomfort. I’m usually a little skiddish when it comes to dental surgery and any associated pain. ORA Oral Surgery & Implant Studio earns my trust for comfort and care.

thumbnail image of Paul Crossey
Paul Crossey