Discomfort During Dental Surgery Procedures is a Thing of the Past

Sometimes the need for dental care is unavoidable. Having wisdom teeth removed, dental implants placed, and tooth extractions performed are the procedures that are often necessary to remove infection, relieve pain, and keep our bodies healthy. It is unfortunate that, in the past, these types of procedures were regarded with fear and apprehension. Today, although […]

ABC’s Nightline to Air Investigative Report on Use of Oral Sedation on Children

Very Important Distinctions Within The Field Of Dentistry With Respect To Sedation ABC’s Nightline has just done a piece on the tragic consequences of inadequate training and having a regular dentist perform sedation.  In sharp contrast to this, the doctors at ORA Oral Surgery & Implant Studio in Chicago wanted to clarify the very important […]

Eliminate anxiety and discomfort with sedation dentistry

The prospect of oral surgery can be intimidating for many patients, especially those who even get anxious about routine care like professional cleanings. To manage this fear, most patients facing oral surgery in the Chicago Loop turn to sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is an appropriate and routine accommodation for a number of oral surgery procedures, […]