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Review From E. M. Chicago, IL

Review From E. M. Chicago, IL

Thanks, Yelp, for helping me find this place! For years I’d been admonished by my dentist about how I needed to get my wisdom teeth out. Finally, after having them cause me enough pain, I received a recommendation from him for an oral surgeon. I looked up reviews on the oral surgeon and wasn’t too impressed. So, Google and Yelp soon became my best friends.

While reading positive reviews on Yelp regarding another dental practice and oral surgeon, I noticed reviews for ORA lurking on the side of my screen. I decided to check them out since so many people had given positive feedback. I went directly to their site and fell instantly “in love”. It looked so peaceful, like a spa! After confirming that Dr. Koos was in my insurance network, I promptly set up an appt for a consultation.

When I showed up for my appt, I noted that the office was exactly as advertised. Everything’s state-of-the-art, modern, clean….and peaceful. They even have massage chairs and satellite tv in the rooms! During my consultation, Dr. Koos explained as much as possible regarding the procedure. He answered all of my questions and tried to allay any fears. I felt confident going forward with Dr. Koos removing my troublesome wisdom teeth.

Fast forward to the day of the extraction, everything went as smoothly as possible (*except for one thing – see last paragraph). I was promptly attended to. They gave me laughing gas, then I was knocked out for the count while the doc removed my teeth. When I woke up, it felt like no time had passed. Besides the numbness, I wasn’t feeling any discomfort. The assistant was attentive and explained all of the aftercare instructions to my mom and I.

The recovery over the next couple of days was smooth, but I did ultimately develop dry socket on the 3rd day. When I realized that I might have it, I called the office and they saw me an hour later to pack the sockets. What prompt service! Except for the expected discomfort here and there, I’ve been healing fine since.

Overall, I would DEFINITELY return to ORA Dental Studio for future services. As a matter of fact, I’m certain that I’ll be switching from my current dentist to one at ORA.

*As for the minor “hiccup” mentioned earlier, on the day of my consultation, I received an estimate of services from the receptionist. Unfortunately, she neglected to inform me that the amount estimated would have to be paid on the day of service. I found that out the hard way when I showed up for my extraction and had to drop $350 on the spot. Thank God I had it! Still, despite that issue, I will be returning.*

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