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Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Maintain Your Smile and Your Quality of Life

A patient’s wisdom teeth are highly likely to become impacted because those third molars are so large and human jaws have been evolving to become smaller over time. Even if your wisdom teeth are not symptomatic, you may want to be evaluated to determine the likelihood that they will not erupt properly and if extraction […]

Hu-Friedy revealed “The Uncoated Truth” about American Eagle’s “never-sharpen” XP Technology Scaler

Last week at RDH Under One Roof in Las Vegas, Hu-Friedy revealed “The Uncoated Truth” about American Eagle’s claims around their “never-sharpen” XP Technology Scaler. The TRUTH is: The XP scalers CANNOT be sharpened due to their coating When compared to XP scalers, EverEdge scalers are 30% sharper out-of-the-box and maintain this advantage after use. […]

Can all of my wisdom teeth be extracted at the same time?

When the wisdom teeth are impacted, patients typically will choose to have them surgically extracted. If extraction of all four wisdom teeth is recommended, patients often will have them all removed during the same procedure to avoid subsequent surgeries and additional costs. Wisdom teeth removal becomes necessary when there is not enough room in the […]