Tips to Prevent Jaw Injuries

The jaw can be injured by any number of factors, such as falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries or an altercation. If the upper or lower jaw is seriously injured, jaw surgery may be necessary to return the jaws to their proper position. Jaw surgery can also help to restore the function of many components […]

Protruding Lower Jaw: What are my options?

A severe underbite, or a protruding lower jaw, can have detrimental consequences for your smile’s appearance, and this condition can also limit your ability to chew effectively and efficiently. That is why a protruding lower jaw, prognathsim, is a common reason cited by patients who are exploring jaw surgery to correct the defect. Although early […]

When is orthognathic (jaw) surgery necessary?

Patients often enter orthodontic treatment with dual goals of enhancing the smile’s appearance as well as improving the way the upper and lower jaw fit together to form the bite. However, braces alone are sometimes insufficient for achieving those goals when a skeletal deficiency is also present. When orthodontic treatment does not completely correct the […]