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Corrective Jaw Surgery: How long will I have to wear braces?

Corrective Jaw Surgery: How long will I have to wear braces?

Corrective Jaw SurgeryOrthognathic Surgery, also referred to as corrective jaw surgery, is the correction of jaw, tooth, and facial deformities through the combined use of orthodontic treatment and oral maxillofacial surgery in the upper and/or lower jaws. For certain deformities of the jaw, orthodontics alone cannot bring the teeth into a proper and healthy alignment. In order to correct the bite, and to move the teeth into the healthiest position, the jaw bones must also be moved to produce a properly functioning bite.

Among the patients who are considering corrective jaw surgery, braces will be necessary both at the start of the treatment and again during the last phase of care. The estimated time frame for the active phases of orthodontic treatment will vary widely amongst patients, and these details will be outlined by the orthodontist and also the oral surgeon during the treatment planning phase.

The initial phase of treatment might require the active use of braces for approximately 18 months, followed by orthognathic surgery. After the surgery, the second phase of orthodontic treatment could last for 6 to 9 months. After the active treatment is complete, and the teeth have been moved into the most ideal position, patients will be advised to wear an orthodontic retainer to prevent any further movement.

Corrective jaw surgery is particularly complex but also very rewarding. To make your treatment as successful as possible, you should be fully committed to the process, which could take more than a year to complete. You should also be fully aware of the treatment details before any procedures are performed. Of course, the estimated length of your treatment may need to be adjusted along the way, depending upon how quickly your teeth and jaw respond to the orthodontic forces. The success of your treatment will also be influenced by your own ability to comply with the recommendations that will be provided by your orthodontist and your oral surgeon.

Wearing braces is an important part of your corrective jaw surgery. To learn more about the procedure, contact ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio to set up a consultation today.

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