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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Chicago – Rahul L. Chicago, Illinois

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Chicago – Rahul L. Chicago, Illinois

As far as wisdom tooth extraction goes, I had an excellent experience with Dr. Schrotenboer. Understandably so, I was not looking forward to it, and had been putting it off for a while. The previous oral surgeon I consulted with was abrasive and impatient with my questions and it did nothing but increase my anxiety. Dr. Schrotenboer was the exact opposite. He took the time out at my consultation to sit down with me and carefully explain the entire procedure, talking about every last little detail and concern of mine. He was very friendly and ensured that all my questions got answered before I left, while making me feel completely at ease and confident.  I knew exactly what would happen and what to expect.

The day of the surgery was no different. Dr. Schrotenboer and his great team started me off with some laughing gas to relax me, and kept talking to me till I drifted off, ensuring that I was comfortable the entire time. The staff helping was also very helpful and definitely knew what they were doing.

The night of the surgery he actually called me to check on my progress and see how I was doing and if I was feeling better, which I thought was incredible! I talked to him for a bit on the phone, and again, he was willing to listen and answer any questions I had. He is definitely one to go above and beyond.

I had my surgery on a Saturday and I was back at work on Monday. My sister needs to get her wisdom teeth extracted this next week and I got her an appointment with Dr. Schrotenboer too. I would most definitely recommend Dr. Schrotenboer to anyone getting their wisdom teeth extracted! He knows what he’s doing and he’s an excellent healthcare professional.

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