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How should I prepare for my oral surgery consultation?

How should I prepare for my oral surgery consultation?

oral surgeon Chicago LoopIf an upcoming consult for oral surgery, such as the placement of dental implants, has you on edge, rest assured that you are unlikely to experience any discomfort at that initial appointment. It will go smoothly if you know what to expect and are prepared to make the most of the consultation.

The oral surgeon will examine your teeth and jaw and will need take a CT scan (very different from any dental x-rays that your dentist may have taken) to gather additional information. Depending on the type of procedure, the surgeon may need to take additional measurements for treatment planning purposes.

You can take a few steps to get ready for your oral surgery consultation. The first is to gather all of the documentation requested at the visit. At a minimum, you’ll need to bring a form of photo identification, your referral form from your dentist, your medial and dental insurance cards, a list of any medications you are taking and health issues, as well as contact information for your primary care physician and any other specialists you may see.

Check with the office staff prior to your appointment to see if there’s any other paperwork that you need to present at the consultation.

Be sure to come with a list of questions, too. Your initial consultation offers you the best opportunity to ask your surgeon for clarification or the information you may need to make an educated decision about your treatment.

Many oral surgery patients will need similar information, regardless of whether they are having wisdom teeth removed or a more extensive type of jaw surgery. For example, patients need to know what to do to prepare for anesthesia or sedation, and they often ask about what they can expect during recovery.

Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon will give you detailed pre- and post-operative instructions, but be sure that you understand them completely and don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you may have.

Other considerations will be more specific to the oral surgery procedure. For example, the healing process following dental implant placement may differ from that of wisdom teeth extraction, so inquire about any additional details that are particularly pertinent to your planned surgery.

When everything goes as planned, oral surgery can help boost a patient’s oral health and improve their quality of life. The initial consultation is the first step in this important treatment process. If you have any additional questions about making the most of your consultation, contact our team at ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio for guidance.

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