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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Chicago – Kay K. Near Southside, Chicago, IL

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Chicago – Kay K. Near Southside, Chicago, IL

I cannot say enough about the outstanding experience I had at Ora Oral Surgery! Having my three impacted wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Koos was a breeze! I went into the experience extremely nervous. I had never been under general anesthesia, nor had any sort of invasive procedure, but Dr. Koos and his staff put me so at ease throughout the entire process.

I have a difficult work schedule, so the fact that they even offer Saturday surgeries is amazing! They got me in immediately for my consult and the staff up front was great about calling me as soon as they had a cancellation to get me in on the exact date I needed!

On the day of the surgery, I was comforted by the kind woman at the front desk and then by the sweet nurse who took me back to the operating room. The entire facility is state of the art and gorgeous, but this room, especially, felt so relaxing with the surround sound music and sunny windows on the ceiling. Next, the nurse let me choose an iPod playlist to play through the overhead speakers during the procedure! This doesn’t sound like it would make much of a difference given the circumstances, but hearing Kenny Chesney while getting the laughing gas was just what I needed to get me in that relaxation state of mind! After putting on the mask and inhaling a few times, I can honestly say that I did not feel a thing!!!! Apparently, they put in an IV after I was asleep and I could not believe when the nurse woke me up, after what seemed to be a few minutes later, that it was all over with!

Afterward, the nurse and Dr. Koos spoke with my family and gave them all the supplies and instructions I would need for the post care. They spent at least 20 minutes with us answering questions, etc. Then, Dr. Koos called me later that night to check in with me and told me to call his personal cell phone if I had any problems! I’m sorry, but being a healthcare worker myself, in today’s day and age this is unheard of!!!

They also have a free parking area which is right next to the door you come out after surgery, which is extremely convenient. I was also given three prescriptions to fill for pain and preventing infection. Oh and during surgery, you are given a steroid to minimize swelling. I had zero swelling and practically zero pain in the days after the procedure. I could not believe it!

I can go on and on as to how phenomenal my experience was at Ora! I will be referring all my friends and family to them, without a doubt!!!!

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