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Wisdom Teeth Extraction and Dental Implant – Mei K. Chicago, Illinois

Wisdom Teeth Extraction and Dental Implant – Mei K. Chicago, Illinois

I’ve had the following done here:
Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Dental Implant

Visit #1 Consultation: Walking into Ora, I was blown away by how modern, clean, spa-like it felt. When you go to the back, each patient is brought through the dimly lit but tranquil hallway into their private room. The level and quality of service is unlike any dental office I’ve been too. For the consult, I met with Dr. Koos who explained the process of my two treatments, which would be done together, and received a quote. I asked a friend that’s a dentist to take a look at my estimate which he thought was comparable/reasonable to what he normally bills.

Visit #2 Surgery: This was my first time under general anesthesia and I’ve never been good at dealing with pain, blood, etc., so to say I was extremely nervous is an understatement. Prior to visiting Ora, I kept postponing the removal of my three impacted wisdom teeth for over a year. I had one pulled out by another dental office which mortified me. But to my complete and utter surprise, the surgery here was a walk in the park! After the laughing gas came on, it was lights out and a few moments later I came to and the procedures were done. The doctor explained what to expect post-surgery and even followed-up with a personal phone call after. While everyone’s recovery is different, for me the bleeding subsided that evening and I didn’t experience pain and discomfort until two days after my surgery, mostly because of the implant. I was pretty cautious with the extraction/implant sites and ate normally after two weeks.

Visit #3 Follow-up: I waited a few months until the implant fully healed and went to Dr. Kralj. We did impressions for my crown and picked out a shade for it.

Visit #4 The End: After a quick three weeks, my crown was made and ready! I was concerned with how my bite would feel but it was virtually unnoticeable. The fitting was relatively easy, the doctor ‘screwed’ in some of the pieces and sealed it with implant cement. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the entire process and my results. My only regret is not knowing of this place sooner so I could have done my Invisalign here!

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