Dental Implants vs. Dentures: A Comparison

In a matter of moments, an innocent discussion about missing teeth can evolve into a storm of confusing clinical terms and concepts. There are countless benefits to be gained from replacing missing teeth, but there are also several replacement options. Which solution is best, and what are the differences and similarities? Dental implants and dentures […]

Why Do Dentures Lose Their Fit?

If you wear dentures, then you probably remember the trouble that you went through to get your new teeth. First, you may have had your damaged or unhealthy teeth removed at different stages or all at once. Next, your dentist took measurements and impressions of your mouth to form the base of your denture. You […]

Can I replace my dentures with dental implants?

Recent advances in dental technology have provided denture wearers with some fantastic opportunities for obtaining stronger, more beautiful smiles. Patients who are wearing dentures in Chicago are turning to this experienced oral surgeon for dental implants that can completely change their outlook on life. Dental implants can be used in an extraordinary number of combinations […]