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Dental Implants: Never Use Denture Adhesive Again

Dental Implants: Never Use Denture Adhesive Again

dentures ChicagoIf you consider the ingenious design of our natural teeth, it’s easy to appreciate the success of dental implants. Both consist of a root portion that serves as an anchor to the jaw bone and both extend above the gumline to create a strong biting or chewing surface.

If you compare the design of the natural teeth to that of a traditional denture, it quickly becomes evident that the denture falls short in a several key areas. That’s why patients who wear dentures in Chicago are choosing dental implants to resolve those discrepancies as well as the stigma and discomfort that a set of unanchored false teeth brings.

Without anchoring to the jaw bone like a natural tooth root, a denture is essentially an appliance that relies on soft gum tissue for support. Floating on top of such an unstable foundation presents a major challenge for denture wearers. Typically, even with the help of denture adhesives and pastes, keeping a denture in place can begin to consume all of your waking hours and can severely restrict your diet.

To eliminate the dilemma, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon can utilize a few strategically placed dental implants to retain (anchor) your denture.

Right away, you’ll notice that there will never again be a need to purchase denture pastes or adhesive products. That’s because the implants work together with your jaw bone to create a strong and permanent foundation for your denture teeth. The implants are resistant to the bone loss that would occur in the absence of a tooth root, therefore their positions remain constant even after years of daily use.

Next, you’ll notice that a new level of self-confidence will begin to emerge. That’s because you can enjoy eating, speaking, and smiling without the embarrassment of an ill-fitting denture. Living with the fear that your denture will slip, click, or otherwise be publicly revealed isn’t really living at all!

The substantial support that dental implants provide can transform your denture from a “plate” into a comfortable and efficient set of teeth.

To learn more about what dental implants can do for your denture in Chicago Illinois, call ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio for a well needed soulution.


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