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Wisdom Teeth Removal Chicago – Michael M Chicago, Illinois

Wisdom Teeth Removal Chicago – Michael M Chicago, Illinois

Trust me when I say this: Dr. Koos is hands down the best oral surgeon and for anyone who needs any kind of tooth surgery I would recommend him hands down.

My story: after countless years of my dentist persuading me to get my wisdom teeth removed, I finally agreed. The dentist that I was recommended did not get the best reviews so I looked up Dr. Koos and all of the excellent reviews. During the consultation, I had originally told Dr. Koos that I wanted to hold on my surgery until after my birthday as it was scheduled for 5/28 and my birthday was the 31st. Dr. Koos agreed and set it for today, 6/18.

During the weeks which led up to the surgery, I was somewhat apprehensive (let’s be real, who is happy to have surgery?) but I kept looking at Dr. Koos reviews which eased my fears.

The big day: I got called to the operating room and Trish, (the doctor’s wonderful assistant) put the laughing gas on me and asked me what kind of music do I like and I said “R. Kelly.” By the second song, Dr Koos inserted the sedative in me and the next thing I knew I was being led to my cousin’s car with all four of my wisdom teeth removed! With all of the “goodie bag” that he gave my mother along with instructions on how to take care of the teeth, I only came out with minor swelling and bleeding which stopped in a couple of hours. He even called to check up later tonight to see how everything went and answered both me and my mother’s questions post surgery!

Dr Koos, you are a godsend and I will recommend you to anyone who needs an oral surgeon. Thanks again!


Michael M

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