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Erica C. Boston, MA Chicago Oral Surgeon Review

Erica C. Boston, MA Chicago Oral Surgeon Review

ora oral surgery & implant studio, i love you.

after reading all these great reviews about dr. koos here on yelp, i thought he might just be the guy to consult in about the removal of my four wisdom teeth.

since i just moved here to chicago with my boyfriend, i was kinda dazed and confused on where to go and who to see about this surgery which i’ve been putting off for years.

i am the baby of all babies.
at age 22, anything with teeth freaks me out.

i am not kidding you, before this experience, i was PETRIFIED of the thought of having to be put under. we are talking bad dreams, cold sweats, mental breakdowns, sleepless nights, you name it…. i did not want these things to be out.

ora oral surgery & implant studio was a eye opening experience for me.
after booking my consultation appointment, i was put at ease about all these fears of mine involving being put under for my first surgery involving anesthesia. this office is no joke, VERY professional staff and dr. koos knows his teeth!

my boyfriend and i both agreed that this would be the place i would go for the removal.

the day of my surgery (yesterday) i was extremely nervous. i was up all night anxious and not knowing what to expect about being put under for the first time.

when we arrived at the office, after filling out some paperwork, i was immediately called in to get this thing over with. this is when i really started freaking out. what was going to happen!?

i looked around and all i can say is this place is very clean and sharp yet very relaxing and almost tranquil at the same time. the assistant asked me what kind of music i liked. wait what?!? 🙂 they were going to be playing me some sort of music to calm my nerves. this was another plus in my book.

i picked “muse” (the artist) and closed my eyes to try to relax. the assistant hooked me up to some heart monitor sort of thing, and she started the laughing gas. (i’ve never had this either) dr. koos came in, reassured me everything was going to be okay. popped the needle in my arm and after that i don’t remember a thing.

25 minutes later….(only 25 minutes?!)
i woke up and it’s like nothing ever happened. trippy.

my boyfriend surprisingly didn’t try to film me like david at the dentist but i was feeling good. my mouth was numb and i was in a different world.

i look back and think why was i being such a baby about this procedure? it was so simple and in my eyes the best dental experience i have experienced. and i still haven’t really felt any major pain.

dr. koos even gave my boyfriend and i a call later on to make sure everything was going smoothly. thought this was a nice touch to his professionalism.

thank you dr. koos for making this such a great experience!
i would highly recommend you and your staff to anyone looking for an amazing wisdom teeth removal experience!

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