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Rachel, K. Chicago, IL

Rachel, K. Chicago, IL

By far, the best dental studio I have ever been to.

I have been to both the Wicker Park and South Loop locations.

I love the Wicker Park location and the fact that Dr. Thurston will always be playing great music, because I don’t think anyone can even comprehend what an incredible difference it makes, at least for a total music nerd like myself, when you are listening to Kings of Convenience, Royksopp or Sigur Ros while you are in the dentist’s chair… it makes it sooooo much less nerve-wracking and so beautiful.

The South Loop location was where I wound up having all 4 wisdom teeth removed, and let me tell you I was terrified, having never undergone general anesthesia before. Dr. Koos did a great job to calm my nerves, and it was a great experience overall. Unfortunately the music was not what I had hoped for after my experience at the Wicker Park office… but when nitrous is being administered to me and then the next minute I am fully unconscious, do I really have time to think about the fact that daytime television and top 40 music are pretty much my all-time pet peeves??

I woke up with my mouth full of blood and gauze of course which is never too pleasant, but was prescribed some painkillers and was told to ice my very swollen face. I spent the next couple of weeks recovering at home.

The best part though, was that Dr. Koos actually called later that same night around 8 pm to make sure that I was doing alright!

2 and a half weeks later, well, I still have massive holes in the back of my mouth (yeah, it’s pretty disgusting) but I think that’s pretty much par for the course. I am just so happy that I have not developed dry socket! I figure it’ll be about a month or so until I can eat solid food again (anyone eating steak and potatoes the day after they got their wisdom teeth out is either lying, or going to develop some complications that I don’t wanna think about…) but again, that’s pretty normal for wisdom teeth removal since the holes are not stitched up but left open. I can only hope that the “heroin chic” look will come back into style at some point, lol…

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