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Review From Alex K. Chicago, IL

Review From Alex K. Chicago, IL

Hands down the only place you should go to get surgery work done!
Birth to August 2nd 2011: wisdom teeth developed and sorta partially poked through my gums a little bit and bothered me here and there over the last few years.

August 3rd 2011 a.m.: I woke up with pain and swelling on my lower right side after feeling a little tender the night before, just a little freaked out!  Did a frantic online search for wisdom teeth Chicago and oral surgeon Chicago to come across ORA and Dr. Koos..was it divine intervention?  I called the office and Leddie must have heard the desperation in my voice and talked to the doctor and they were able to squeeze me in for a consult that same day!  I was desperate to get in because I was waiting for Lollapalooza for months now and there was no way that I wanted to miss it, but Murphy’s Law was trying to get in the way.

August 3rd 2011 p.m. : My office visit was awesome, Susie was able to check into my insurance information even before I arrived and Dr. Koos was really so sympathetic and caring.  He put me at ease too because I was more than nervous.  When I told him that I desperately did not want to miss Lollapalooza over the weekend, especially Eminem on Saturday night, he chuckled and said that he “couldn’t promise anything but I will do my best to make that happen for you.” He gave me some antibiotics and Vicodin and they squeezed me into the schedule on Friday again to have the surgery done.

August 5th 2011 a.m.: My swelling has come down with the antibiotics and I am quite nervous and sad that I will probably be missing out on Lollapalooza.  I show up for surgery with a friend and they take me back into this really cool operating room with a peaceful sky on the ceiling.  Dr. Koos, in a very cool way, plays Muse from his iPod before I go under and says “in the spirit of Lolllapalooza is Muse good with you or would you like to hear Girl Talk or Coldplay?”  Muse was perfect for me and with the gas – whooaaa!  I woke up after what seemed like only a minute and completely de-stressed when they told me that I was done and everything went very well..

August 5th 2011 p.m.: I couldn’t believe how good I felt after having 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed earlier that day, but what was driving me more to recover was going to see A Perfect Circle and Muse.  Against his advice I went to Lollapalooza that night.  I was a little embarrassed when he called to check in on me and I could barely hear anything because of the crowd and music when I was supposed to be at home icing!  He told me that I better promise to ice all day the next day before Eminem and not to overdo it tonight.

August 6th 2011 p.m.:  After a day of chilling and icing and feeling pretty good I ecstatically get to go to Eminem and the weather is great and the set was amazing, and I have Dr. Koos to thank for making it all possible!

The End

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