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Review From Sonia M., Chicago, IL

Review From Sonia M., Chicago, IL

WAY TOO OFF THE CHARTS EXPENSIVE! Catty, obnoxious reception too.


Comment from Steven K. of ORA Dental, Oral Surgery & Implant Studio 12/11/2011

Interesting comments (brings up concerns of the possibility of an unscrupulous competitor writing fictitious review, which is an unfortunate circumstance that can occur on Yelp).  The review before it was edited down to this current sentence referenced “our trendy haircuts, us attending all the cool parties in the city, Groupon daily deal mega-discounted implants and our expensive dental implant fees.”

Specifically with regard to our fees so that others reading will have accurate information…
We are providers for a vast array of insurance companies.  These companies set the fee schedule and providers do not.  The fee schedule/pricing on different services are, therefore, consistent between one provider to the next (given they are within the same geographic area and you are comparing a general dentist to a general dentist or a specialist to a specialist).  The fees for the exact same procedures do indeed vary from insurance carrier to insurance carrier for the exact same procedure and, as mentioned before are set by the insurance company not the doctor, but the doctor has to follow them exactly.
As an example – These are some Dental Implant Fees (dental code 6010) set by the following insurance companies for the exact same procedure.  Cigna $1440, Delta $1500, Guardian $1464, Blue Cross Blue Shield $2,417.  As you can see there is a range- big range sometimes.  If this is a real patient and you would like any further clarification with your insurance we would be happy to take time with you and carefully review all of your benefits and treatment plan so that you are not under any misconception.  While Groupon and other “Daily Deal Steals”  are great opportunities to save money and try great products and services, I caution patients receiving healthcare, particularly surgery, to be very very cautious.


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