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Review From Taylor, G Chicago, Illinois

Review From Taylor, G Chicago, Illinois

The dentists there are GREAT. Very thorough and explained everything very well. I received a Saturday evening phone call from dentist after surgery to check up on me. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the dentists.

They would have gotten 5 stars if it wasn’t for the front desk. I went in for a consultation for a crown and the dentist was able to start the first part of the procedure right away (which was awesome). Since I was not expecting to have to pay for anything on that particular visit, I did not have my HSA card and paid with normal CC. The next day I realized I should have used my HSA so I called to see if they could reverse the charge and pay in full with HSA ( I only paid half on CC). I was told they couldn’t reverse the charge to my CC but could issue me a check for the amount paid and then pay the full amount on HSA. I was told someone would call me back in a few minutes to take the necessary information.

Later the NEXT day I finally received a call (which went to voice mail) telling me to call whenever and it would be taken care of. I called back and after talking to a different person I was told that this reversal could not be done. I asked to speak to the manager and she said there was a “communication breakdown” and they could not issue me a check for the amount paid. After going back and forth, the manager flat out said “we do not want the administrative burden” and that I could file a claim to my HSA. Usually people try to beat around the bush about not wanting to have to deal with something, its an even worse customer experience to be told they don’t want to do something because it requires effort. I do not see what is so difficult about taking the full amount due on the phone and then writing a check for the amount already paid. Instead I have to deal with filing a claim with my HSA to get the money back.

SEPARATE YET RELATED ISSUE – After my first experience at ORA (above comments related to second experience) my insurance covered more than estimated and I had an overpayment of $X. It’s a good thing I review all my bills and noticed that there was an overpayment and waited for a few weeks expecting to get a check in the mail. Instead of automatically issuing me a check for the overpayment, they credited my account for future use. Like most people, I’m not in the habit of having oral surgery frequently so whats the point of having a credit? Again, its less of an “administrative burden” to credit my account instead of issuing me a check. After not receiving a check I called and a check was promptly issued, however I do not feel like I should have to call to get my money back. If I wouldn’t have checked my bills and never returned I could only assume they would have kept the difference.

It seems like my review is consistent with others: dentists AWESOME, front desk could use a root canal.

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