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Review From Whitney, D. Chicago, IL

Review From Whitney, D. Chicago, IL

DR. STEVE IS TALL AND VERY VERY SEXY. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, on to the actual review of the services I received.

I went here for a consultation recently and didn’t have to sit for long, maybe 10 minutes if that. I went over to the 360 X-ray machine and got my X-rays done, then sat in the chair in the office waiting for the doctor. The chairs are very comfortable and I really appreciate being able to watch TV and control the channels! How many other people can say they found out he was NOT the baby daddy while trying to figure out what was wrong with their teeth? Not very many. Dr. Steve Koos walks in and introduces himself, and I realize that my goal of not having a really hot guy look at my f***** up teeth is not reasonable and is not going to happen. We go over my X-rays, he on the computer and me on the TV screen and he explains EVERYTHING. He is the most thorough dentist I’ve ever had and he actually talked to me like I was a human being with feelings.I made it clear to him that I had horrible anxiety about the dentist and that nothing could be done without me being knocked out and he did an awesome job of alleviating my fears. He completely understood and didn’t make me feel stupid. I had no questions after he spoke with me and he did a great job of re-explaining the various processes and issues to my mother who controls all the money.

The woman who explained the prices,co-pay and insurance stuff whose name I unfortunately do not remember was thorough and didn’t do anything shady which I also appreciate. We were able to get an appointment for a tooth extraction the next day!

I show up for my appointment and I wait in the lounge area for maybe 5 minutes then go straight back to the operating room. Every single thing the dentist(Dr. Steve Koos and who I am assuming was his assistant) did was explained in detail to me. He played some Drake while we waited for the laughing gas to kick in and the next thing I know I’m being woken up to go home.
It is also worth noting that he called my mom the night of the surgery or the night after and told her if we had any questions we could call his personal number! It’s so nice having a dentist who actually gives a damn I don’t know what to do with myself. Best dental experience ever.

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