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Review – Tim E. Chicago, IL

Review – Tim E. Chicago, IL

State of the Art “green” facility with a knowledgeable professional staff, all that and a big heart too.

I can’t say enough about ORA Oral Surgery & Implant Studio. This place has made a huge difference in the lives of individuals with Autism. Dr. Koos and Dr Kralj have dedicated an extreme amount of time and care in providing services to people with Autism who are far too often seen as “too difficult” to be seen by other potential physicians.

I work as an administrator for an agency that provides services to individuals with Autism.  It is very challenging for the people and families, I have the privilege to work with, to find appropriate dental care due to the challenges they face in the areas of communication and sensory processing. The staff at ORA has begun to provide dental care for these individuals as a way of “giving back” to the community. They have provided care for many of the people I work with, several of whom have not been able to receive treatment for years.

The amount of respect and care the staff of ORA provide for them is amazing. This team of professionals, work closely with the families and the staff of our agency to support “our guys” and provide the much needed oral care that have been inaccessible to many of them in the past.

I would recommend ORA Oral Surgery & Implant Studio to everyone not only because of their knowledge and professionalism, but also because they are working to make a difference in health and well being of people living with Autism who have had limited access to appropriate oral care for a large part of their lives.

On a personal level I recently switched to using their services for my own oral care needs after over 10 years with the same dentist.
Dr. Kralj and Dr. Koos’ individualized attention and state of the art facilities couple with their compassion for the needs of others with autism in the community, concretize them and their incredible staff as the place to receive dental care

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