health-smoking Smoking is not only dangerous to your overall health but also specifically for your teeth and gums. Smoking can cause periodontal disease, and as a result may lead to tooth loss. Periodontal disease is a condition where the tissues that support the teeth – the gums and the bone – slowly deteriorate, and the teeth become loose and finally fall out. Anyone can suffer from periodontal disease, but smoking increases the risk significantly. Heavy smokers are six times more likely to suffer from periodontal disease than non-smokers. Smoking delays the healing of wounds, reduces your sense of smell and taste, and stains the teeth, gums and fillings. The worst and most grave consequence of smoking is the increased risk of oral cancer. If you smoke, the risk of contracting cancer of the mouth is four times higher than for a non-smoker.

We know quitting is not easy and that some people try several times before succeeding. There are many ways to quit smoking. Some people stop abruptly, while others benefit from step-by-step manuals, counseling, or medicines and products that help reduce nicotine addiction. At ORA® Studios we can help empower you and find the best way for you to take control of your addiction and successfully quit. We practice eco-friendly dentistry® using green solutions everyday to meet the needs of our patients.


Dr. Koos was caring and professional.

Great experience from start to finish. Dr. Koos was caring and professional, making an otherwise uncomfortable experience as pleasant at possible.

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Caitlin Marcordes

Dr. Koos is the best!

I love it here! Everyone is so kind and attentive! Dr. Koos is the best!

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Joanne Salem