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Wisdom Tooth Oral Surgeon Review, Lety R. – Chicago, IL

Wisdom Tooth Oral Surgeon Review, Lety R. – Chicago, IL

I came here a few weeks ago for a consultation because I needed my wisdom teeth pulled.  The ambiance is lovely.  I met w/Steven Koos.  He explained my options also advised for me to be sedated.  I personally did not think I needed to be sedated.  Now if they were impacted MAYBE I’d think about it but I knew they were not and I also get sick w/anesthisia so I told him I did not want it.  He did try to push it but I insisted on NO. I understand as a dentist, a good one, they want to make it as comfortable as possible for their patients.  And for some- being sedated or under twighlight make work but for me it doesn’t. Outside of that he was very nice and freindly- no complaints.
I then went up to the front and they sat me in a room to to go over payment and options.  I have VERY GOOD insurance so when they came at me w/almost $400 to be in twilight or $200 and something to get put to sleep cause my insurance does not cover that part I was woowed but again I didn’t want to get this done, I wanted local and I explained that to the girl who was explaining my options.  She said they normally don’t do local for wisdom teeth but she’ll ask the Dr. I told her to do so cause this is just a consult and I can go else where to get a consult.  She then came back and said Dr said local is fine and my cost would just be my $50 deductable if I haven’t met it yet.  UMMMMM….YAAAA….Big price change.

I went back today to get my wisdom teeth pulled and again the attention and attitude of all staff was great.  From the front desk to the dental assistant to the dentist. I was so scared and nervous but they made me feel at ease and comfortable.  The procedure was super fast I didn’t expect it to go so quick.  So glad I didn’t get put to sleep.  It happened so fast.

After procedure they put you in a recovery area. They then came in and gave me the procedure on what to do after you leave their office.  They even gave me Ibuprophen right there for free which is good cause I didn’t need to go to pharmacy and pay extra.  The also gave me a Rx for vicatin just in case.

I also like the fact that their is parking in at their location and when you leave there you do not have to walk out through the front, they walk you out through the back which leads you right to the parking lot.  I think that is a GREAT idea because it’s alittle embaressing after coming out of a procedure like that to have to walk through the front and have other patients who are waiting in the waiting area look at you.

It’s hard for me to give ANYONE 5 stars. Only negative thing I will say is I felt I was being pushed to pay out of pocket to be sedated after I told them no.   When I say no it means no.  But besides that I probably would of gave them a 5 star.  I definitly recommend this place.  I will be back w/my son because he to needs to see an oral surgeon.

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