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Chicago, Illinois Oral Surgeon Patient Review – Megan, F

Chicago, Illinois Oral Surgeon Patient Review – Megan, F

Before my first visit to this office in September 2012, I researched and researched what seemed like every dentist in the city. I knew that I was going to need extensive work as I had not been to the dentist in 7+ years, and was not going to go to any old dentist on the corner. I seeked this office out based on the wonderful reviews here on Yelp, and because they seemed to be very empathetic to those with fears of dental work.

Overall, the office is very cool. Big, comfy chairs in the waiting area with a big TV, mini-fridge with drinks, and water/coffee. I liked that instead of a clipboard with paperwork to fill out, they handed me a tablet. Cool 🙂 The rooms themselves are very nice with mood lighting, artwork, and a TV over each chair. When they take your x-rays, they put them up on the TV in front of you and explain everything to you.

I had my original consultation with Dr. Mark Broomhead. I was shaking in the chair when he so much as put the mirror in my mouth, but he was very compassionate about the entire situation. He was as quick as possible while still being very thorough and gentle, and never once made me feel bad or embarassed about the terrible condition of my teeth. He presented me all possible options at all different price ranges, giving me the pros and cons of each. He informed me of what needed to happen right away, and what could wait a little while until I got some more money together. Having no insurance and paying everything out of pocket, I find this to be a very admirable quality in a business.

I had a surgical consultation with Dr. Steven Koos. I ended up needing all 4 wisdom teeth out, 5 molars, and 5 bone grafts where those molars had been in order to have implants put in eventually. Both consultations were very friendly and pressure-free; they are not trying to just sell their services. They are truly concerned with their paitent’s health and are very accomodating in offering different options to suit just about any budget. They make it known that they appreciate your business and loyalty as a patient.

I had my surgery with Dr. Koos, which was an amazing experience. I opted to have IV sedation. When I went into the surgery room, the assistant asked me what music I would like to listen to. I said the Beatles, and she put it on for me. She explained a few things to me, and then gave me some laughing gas. After that, Dr. Koos came in and put my IV in himself; the next thing I know I’m being woken up to go home. Dr. Koos called me later that night to make sure I was feeling okay, and he gave me his cell phone number and said to call anytime. I called him with a question on a Sunday morning, and he returned my call within 15 minutes. How many doctors/dentists do that?

I am now 5 days post-op, and I could cry I am so happy with how well things turned out. I have not been in any pain whatsoever, which I mostly attribute to the wonderful work Dr. Koos did and partly to the medications he gave me. He didn’t give me some whimpy pills and make me call back and say “I’m still in pain, I need a stronger medicine”, which I’ve found to happen quite often to many people I know.

I do have a couple pieces of constructive criticism. They could be a little more detailed in after-care instructions and what to expect as far as possible complications; they gave me one sheet of paper with general guidelines, but a lot of what I’ve been doing has been what I found through my own research or after calling their office daily with questions. Also, one of their receptionists at the front desk needs a MAJOR attitude adjustment. Every time I went in or called and saw/heard it was her, it ruined my mood. I haven’t heard or seen her in a while, so I hope she is no longer working there. But in case she is, watch out! 😛

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