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Oral Surgeon First to Utilize Dual OsseoCareTM Pro iPad® Integrated Implant Systems in Chicago

Oral Surgeon First to Utilize Dual OsseoCareTM Pro iPad® Integrated Implant Systems in Chicago

Online PR News – 09-January-2013 –Chicago, IL – Dr. Steven Koos, an oral surgeon and implant dentist in Chicago IL, and owner of ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio, is pleased to announce that he is the first oral surgeon in Chicago to utilize dual OsseoCareTM Pro units, each being an innovative iPad® operated dental implant control center created by Nobel BioCare in partnership with Bien-Air Dental SA. This unique implant delivery system is the first of its kind to be operated by an intuitive iPad® based interface.

The OsseoCareTM Pro offers numerous benefits to both clinicians and patients, including innovative and intuitive features such as pre-programmed drilling protocols, storage of patient files and operation reports, customized sequences, and secure multiple-user entry with personalized settings. The OsseoCareTM Pro App, which is available from the Apple® App Store, allows users to customize many options in association with the drill’s use.

“Precision is an important feature when operating a surgical drill as an oral surgeon and implant dentist,” explains Dr. Koos, “and the new OsseoCareTM Pro allows for extremely precise drilling parameters, such as speed, torque, light intensity and irrigation flow. Using advanced, precise and innovative equipment in my Chicago oral surgery practice, like the new OsseoCareTM Pro drill, helps me to deliver the highest standard of patient care.”

The features of the new iPad® operated dental drill provide for the utmost in efficiency, reliability and safety, while also offering customization opportunities. The drill is pre-programmed with protocols set for all of Nobel BioCare’s dental implants, allows for settings to be saved specifically for each practitioner, and is designed to let practitioners easily switch between multiple sites and utilize guided as well as freehand drilling options. Additionally, all data is stored by patient for each operation, and the data can easily be exported to patient files or printed as needed.

Dr. Koos is the first dental surgery practitioner in the Chicago area to utilize this innovative new dental drilling system. The Chicago Loop implant dentist and oral surgeon strives to continually remain at the forefront of innovative and advanced techniques, tools, materials and protocols. He is well recognized within his profession for offering cutting-edge treatments, combined with compassionate and patient-centered healthcare.



Chicago Loop oral surgeon, Dr. Steven Koos, is the first dental professional to utilize the OsseoCareTM Pro dental drilling system to perform oral surgery procedures and dental implants in Chicago. The new drill, created by Nobel BioCare, is integrated with an innovative iPad® app that allows for precision operation, guided protocols and advanced data storage. For more information about Dr. Steven Koos and his Chicago Loop oral surgery practice, ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio, visit or call 312-328-9000.

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