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Congenitally Missing Teeth: What are my options?

Congenitally Missing Teeth: What are my options?

Congenitally Missing TeethAs you were smiling your way through first grade school pictures and birthday parties with your baby teeth, your permanent teeth should have been developing and growing inside your jawbone. While this process takes place right on schedule for many of us, there are times when one or more of the grownup teeth will fail to materialize for millions of adults.

While this condition, known as a congenitally missing tooth, is not uncommon, it will typically require professional attention at some point in your life. In the great majority of congenitally missing teeth cases, your implant dentist can provide the most appropriate solution.

Dental implants are frequently recommended to address this condition because they are the only tooth replacement option that can stand in the space left vacant by a missing tooth without negatively affecting the adjacent teeth. This detail is important because the neighboring teeth are often perfectly healthy, and the trauma inflicted on them by a dental bridge or a partial denture can be avoided when you choose an implant.

Also, the implant is so versatile that it can be customized to hold a tooth which can represent either a front or back tooth, and accommodate either a wide or a narrow space. Such a high level of versatility improves the functional and cosmetic success rate for your new tooth. You can be assured that there is an implant that can fit your particular circumstances both physically and esthetically.

Not all congenitally missing teeth are identical. The missing tooth may be a first molar, a lateral incisor, or any other tooth. There may be a missing tooth on one side of the mouth or both. In some instances, the preceding baby tooth may fall out to leave a space between the teeth, or it may remain in place well into adulthood even as it begins to deteriorate.

Once you or your dentist has identified the absent, permanent tooth, it is wise to begin exploring your options for tooth replacement with an implant surgeon. Begin your research by contacting the Chicago oral surgery practice of Drs. Steven Koos and Brian Shah. Call 312-328-9000 to schedule your individualized consultation today.

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