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Consequences of tooth loss

Consequences of tooth loss

tooth extractionThere are times when tooth loss is unavoidable. Advanced bone loss, trauma, and extensive decay can leave patients with few alternatives for saving a tooth. In the event that a patient in Chicago requires tooth extraction, it is important to understand the consequences of tooth loss.

Some of the results of tooth loss can be easily identified, as the impact of the missing tooth is an immediate challenge.

  • Your chewing efficiency is decreased from the moment that the tooth is extracted, not only from the missing tooth but also because it’s opposing tooth now has nothing to chew against and also becomes useless. Often, patients are forced to alter the chewing pattern to accommodate the missing tooth. In other instances when multiple teeth need to be removed, patients must alter their dietary choices to softer, processed foods that require less chewing effort.
  • Irritation to the gum tissue in the location of the missing tooth can be another unavoidable challenge. As foods continuously rub against the gum tissue, a localized irritation or traumatic ulcer can develop, preventing the area from healing properly.
  • The cosmetic impact of tooth loss cannot be overlooked. Even patients who may not be concerned about the appearance of their smile cannot ignore the awkward feeling of displaying a toothless smile. Even a single missing tooth is easily noticeable during speaking and smiling.

As though the immediate impact of tooth extraction were not challenging enough, in time, the consequences can become more damaging.

  • As you adjust your chewing pattern to compensate for the missing tooth, the jaw joint is forced into an uncomfortable position. The new chewing pattern can create excessive stress on the joint, contributing to pain and joint dysfunction.
  • A missing tooth disrupts the delicate balance and harmony of the neighboring teeth. Shifting, drifting, and super-eruption of the remaining teeth will occur and begin as soon as the tooth is extracted. Without proper support, this movement will eventually compromise the health of the adjacent teeth.
  • The cosmetic impact can quickly shift from smiling with a missing tooth to a dramatic blow to your facial profile. Drooping lips and sagging cheeks are often the outward signs of multiple extracted teeth.

When tooth extraction is your only alternative, speak with your oral surgeon about planning for an immediate replacement. To learn more about how you can avoid the consequences of tooth loss, call ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio at 312.328.9000 and schedule your appointment today.

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