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Do dental implants mimic the natural tooth structure?

Do dental implants mimic the natural tooth structure?

implant dentist ChicagoThe advantages of dental implants are endless. Compared to other tooth replacement alternatives, the dental implant has consistently ranked higher in terms of risks vs. benefits, patient satisfaction, longevity, and clinical success.

A primary contributing factor to the dental implant’s consistent success can be accredited to its similarity to an actual tooth. In the past, tooth replacement options such as the partial denture or the fixed bridge have only been successful at recreating the biting surface of the tooth.

In reality, the value of a natural tooth extends well beyond the portion that is visible when we laugh, smile, and eat. The root of the natural tooth (the portion that is anchored to the jaw bone) plays a major role in your chewing stability. The root is also the portion of the tooth that maintains the surrounding bone’s integrity and can prevent bone loss in the immediate area.

Dental implants look, feel and are as strong as natural teeth – no one will know that you have one or many dental implants except you and your Chicago ORA Oral Surgeon

Our implant dentist serving Chicago understands this relationship, and recognizes the dental implant as the only alternative that can mimic the entire structure of the natural tooth. Dental implants effectively replace the lost chewing surface, but also consist of a titanium post (similar in shape and size to a tooth root) that becomes permanently anchored to the jawbone. Because of this unique design, the implant can exist as an individual tooth, completely unattached to the neighboring teeth.

The dental implant also functions just like a natural tooth. There are no dietary restrictions, no slipping or rocking during chewing, and no special requirements for brushing and flossing.

In sharp contrast to other tooth replacements, the dental implant is also the smallest and most conservative solution. Just like a natural tooth, the whole implant system only consists of a naturally appearing crown (the chewing surface), an abutment (connecting the crown to the actual dental implant) and the implant (the portion corresponding to a root attached to the bone). There are no clasps or clips and no excess materials to compromise or irritate the adjacent teeth.

Only your implant dentist can recommend the appropriate dental implant for you. Contact ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio and schedule your appointment with our experienced implant dentistry team to begin your journey towards the most ideal tooth replacement solution.

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