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Eliminate anxiety and discomfort with sedation dentistry

Eliminate anxiety and discomfort with sedation dentistry

sedation dentistry chicago loopThe prospect of oral surgery can be intimidating for many patients, especially those who even get anxious about routine care like professional cleanings. To manage this fear, most patients facing oral surgery in the Chicago Loop turn to sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is an appropriate and routine accommodation for a number of oral surgery procedures, such as wisdom teeth removal and dental implants.

With this approach, the oral surgeon will give the patient an anti-anxiety sedative, among other medications, intravenously prior to the surgical procedure. These medications help the patient to relax and drift off into peaceful sleep throughout the procedure.  As such, sedation dentistry has a great margin of safety if performed by a properly trained provider, like this Chicago oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  Local anesthetics will also accompany sedation to reduce discomfort post-sedation that may result from the procedure.

Sedation dentistry is particularly beneficial because patients do not have any recollection of surgeries performed while they are under sedation. Traumatic memories that keep patients away from the dentist are conveniently eliminated. Furthermore, an oral surgeon may is able to perform longer, more complex procedures while the patient is under sedation.

Advance planning is a must before a patient undergoes sedation. Although patients are not rendered unconscious by sedation dentistry, they still are not able to drive immediately following the procedure. So, patients need to make arrangements for transportation home following the surgery.

Oral surgery is often an essential component of complete dental care. All patients eventually need to have their wisdom teeth removed, and many will encounter other procedures, either during childhood or as adults. Sedation dentistry can be helpful for a wide variety of patients, who express gratitude for the opportunity to take advantage of it.

If you’ve put off scheduling a recommended procedure out of fear or anxiety, consider sedation dentistry as a solution that will allow you to have the oral surgery you need to maintain optimal oral health.

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