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Important Information You Need To Know Before Tooth Extractions – Part 3

Important Information You Need To Know Before Tooth Extractions – Part 3

oral surgeon chicagoThere are two important phases in alveolar ridge preservation during and after a tooth extraction.  Not all extractions are the same and it is very important to have an extraction expert, an oral surgeon, perform the tooth removal.  So how can the bone be preserved?  First, your Chicago Oral Surgeon at ORA will use the most careful techniques to extract your teeth while preserving as much of the fragile bone as possible.  Second, and key to preventing the collapse of the socket, is the addition of bone replacement material in the extraction site, otherwise known as ridge preservation bone grafting.

There are several types of bone grafting materials and techniques.  Your Chicago Oral Surgeon at ORA will discuss the most appropriate one with you.  After the tooth is extracted the socket will be gently packed with bone grafting material and covered with a small absorbable cover.  Early on, the grafting material will support the tissue surrounding the socket, and in time, will be replaced by your own new alveolar bone, accomplishing the ridge preservation technique.

This bone will be an excellent support should you choose later to have dental implants and will preserve the health of the adjacent teeth as well.  This will also create a more satisfactory situation for the function and esthetics of a dental bridge should you choose this less ideal tooth replacement options.

Dr. Steven Koos D.D.S., M.D., an experienced oral surgeon serving Chicago, can answer any questions you may have and help you understand all the important information that you need to know before and after a tooth extraction.

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