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Is it Best to Get Dental Implants Before or After Orthodontic Treatment?

Is it Best to Get Dental Implants Before or After Orthodontic Treatment?

You are quite a unique individual, and so is your smile! In fact, it’s those two factors that will make your dental treatment plan quite unique as well. When you have chosen to strengthen and enhance your smile, your treatment plan may include a combination of orthodontics and also dental implants. In planning for your treatment, you’ll work together with both your oral surgeon and your orthodontist to develop a strategy for the best possible outcome.

Sometimes, it is necessary to first straighten the teeth orthodontically in order to make room for dental implants. For patients who have been born with congenitally missing teeth, such as the upper laterals or lower first molars, the small space that once held a baby tooth may be too small to accommodate a full-sized dental implant.

A space that is too small for a normal-sized dental implant can also occur when a natural tooth has been missing for several years. When a space exists between the teeth, the neighboring teeth have a natural tendency to drift into that spot, tipping sideways and changing the alignment of the remaining teeth.

In the previously mentioned instances, initial orthodontic treatment can help to create enough space to house a replacement tooth.

Other times, dental implants can be used to help anchor and accelerate your orthodontic treatment. Successful orthodontics is largely dependent upon generating enough force to move the teeth into position. An implant that has been anchored into the bone can be strong enough to aid in that process. Often, an implant post can be placed and fitted with a special orthodontic attachment. When the process is complete, the implant can then be fitted with a permanent dental crown for a natural look.

Planning your dental care is all about strategy and the quest for the most ideal outcome. To determine if your implants should be placed before or after your orthodontic treatment, contact our oral surgery team at 312-328-9000 and schedule your visit today.

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