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Jawbone Atrophy: What are my options?

Jawbone Atrophy: What are my options?

Tooth loss is a complex dental condition that can impact more than just your appearance or your chewing functions. It can trigger a steady decline in the quality and health of your jawbone, making your future options for tooth replacement much more complicated. For patients who are completely toothless, the natural phenomena of bone deterioration can even threaten the success of a conventional denture. Many patients are unaware that complete tooth loss can be so severe that even a denture won’t work!

With bone loss, also known as jawbone atrophy (maxillary and mandibular bone atrophy), there is an ideal alternative to traditional dentures. As the name suggests, the All-on-Four procedure enables our oral surgeon to create a new set of replacement teeth that are supported by four dental implants.

By utilizing four precisely placed implants, your replacement teeth will be far more stable than a conventional set of teeth that are supported by an acrylic denture plate. In fact, the use of the dental implants makes it possible to achieve a number of important functions.

  • The replacement teeth will be permanently situated without the need for adhesives or glues.
  • Patients notice an immediate improvement in the level of their chewing function with firmly anchored teeth.
  • The esthetic appearance will be more natural and more customized.
  • Implants are proven to slow the rate of jawbone atrophy and deterioration.
  • Experience a greater sense of self-confidence with teeth that are permanently attached and look attractive.

There are other, less desirable alternatives to the All-on-Four solution, such as denture relines and extra-strength denture paste, and even other removable appliances.  However, these solutions should only be viewed as temporary options, since the deterioration of the jawbone will continue without the stimulation that is derived from the tooth roots or the implants.

As you consider your options for restoring your smile, think for a moment about the quality of life that you’ll experience based on your choice. For most patients, there is no substitute for the confidence, comfort, and security of a permanent smile.

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