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Maxillofacial Trauma: Alveolar Fractures

Maxillofacial Trauma: Alveolar Fractures

Even though you may not be an oral surgeon, there are some dental surgery procedures that you are probably familiar with. For example, most patients have a general understanding of procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction. However, there are other procedures that may seem completely foreign to you until something goes wrong. That’s when you can depend upon the expert care of the best oral surgeon in Chicago for help.

Trauma or damage to the bones of the face can result in simple or complex fractures to a body part that you depend on every day, though you may not be familiar with its clinical name. The alveolar bone is the clinical name for the bone that holds your teeth in place. Although damage to this bone is not typically life threatening, the long-term consequences can be substantial if the injury is not properly managed.

When you have suffered a traumatic injury to the facial region, it is essential that you receive prompt and accurate treatment from an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (this is their area of expertise), or run the risk of tooth loss and bone loss, which can present future problems in terms of restoring or rehabilitating your smile. The risk of permanent or long-term damage is understandable when you take into account the presence of the teeth, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles that are located in this area.

If possible, taking steps to prevent alveolar bone fractures is always recommended. A professionally-fabricated mouthguard should be used during athletic events and seatbelts should be worn inside motor vehicles. Helmets are recommended when riding motorcycles, bikes, and all-terrain vehicles.

Unfortunately, facial injuries are not always preventable. A large percentage of fractures can be credited to altercations and accidental falls. Should you find yourself faced with such an injury, whether it is accidental or preventable, our oral surgeon can perform an emergency examination in order to assess the damage and render the dental surgery that will be most appropriate for your needs.

You can be assured that your surgical treatment will be performed in such a manner as to stabilize your immediate injury while also positioning you for the best possible cosmetic outcome.

For additional information, contact Chicago’s premiere dental surgery clinic, ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio, today.

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