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Nobel Active Implant

Nobel Active Implant

dental implants Chicago LoopDental implants are the premiere choice for tooth replacement today. But, not all dental implants are created the same. During your consultation for dental implants in the Chicago Loop area, you will find that our oral surgeons have selected the highest quality materials in order to design a replacement tooth that feels and functions like no other.

NobelActive is an advanced, next-generation dental implant that features a unique, innovative body design and prosthetic connection (between the implant and the dental crown). Because this type of dental implant offers unsurpassed integration, it is the brand of choice for most every patient and every condition. Even in the esthetic zones (where tooth replacement is required for one or more front teeth), the NobelActive implant is especially effective.

When it comes to implant success, the ability for the surrounding bone to fuse together with the implant post is critical. NobelActive implants are coated with a patented biomaterial known as TiUnite which has been proven to accelerate the fusion process between the bone and the post. NobelActive also features macroscopic surface grooves along the implant thread that operate in conjunction with the TiUnite surface to encourage the formation of bone on the implant.

Some other unique features of this implant are the double-lead thread pattern that can cut through bone and allow the surgeon to actively change its direction, which is something that no other implant can do.  On insertion, the expanding central core acts like a threaded osteotome enabling the expansion of a narrow ridge and compacts bone outward as the implant is placed enabling unprecedented initial implant stability even in compromised bone situations.

Based on an innovative design, this state-of-the-art implant has also been proven to preserve the soft gum tissue and the underlying bone structure. When it comes to esthetics or the final cosmetic appearance of your new tooth, much of the outcome depends on the unique design of the implant, the preservation of the surrounding tissues, and the ability of the implant to be properly positioned during oral surgery.

A dental implant is never complete until the final restoration is prepared and connected to the implant post. NobelActive implants are compatible with a wide range of dental prosthetics and abutments. The combination of these high quality biocompatible materials can be counted on to meet or exceed the esthetic expectations of virtually every patient, even when space is limited near the front of the mouth.

Contact our dual-degree oral and maxillofacial oral surgeons at ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio and schedule your professional consultation to learn more about NobelActive dental implants.

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