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Oral Surgery Patient Review – Danny M. Chicago, IL

Oral Surgery Patient Review – Danny M. Chicago, IL

My dentist referred me here for my wisdom teeth extraction because he said the surgeons here are great and the location is convenient for me as well. He did my xrays here and gave me a copy so I wouldn’t get charged for them again. He gave me a referral for this place and I went home and made a phone call a few days later to schedule a consultation here. At first, no one picked up the phone and I had to leave a message, but they did get back to us at a reasonable time. I also want to mention that sometimes when I call and leave a message, they didn’t return my call and I had to call back a day later. Most of the time they did return my calls promptly.

When I arrived for my consultation, I was surprised that they have free parking for their customers in the South Loop location. I was prepared to pay for parking, so this was a pleasant surprise for me. +1 star for that! Also, when you walk in, the reception desk and waiting room is decorated beautifully. They offer complimentary coffee that you make from the Keurig, which was nice. This is one of Chicago’s only green oral surgery practice. +1 star for that!

My consultation couldn’t have been any better and it was a great experience overall. Dr. Koos was my dentist and I recommend him to anyone. He explains everything thoroughly and tells you exactly how long the process is going to take. He also tells you how he was going to do the procedure. He answered all of my questions and I was on my way to schedule my oral surgery. Although I provided them with my xrays from my dentist, he did another for me without charge because their xrays is 3D and it is pretty much more accurate. +1 star!

During surgery, I came here and I had to wait 10 minutes more than my scheduled appointment time. No complains though because this place was packed. I was called and brought into the surgery room towards the back. The room was really nice and they play relaxing music and they also have a nice sky design for you to look at. I felt really comfortable and I wasn’t nervous at because the room was so cozy and nice. I was put to sleep on sedatives by the assistant and the last thing I remembered was Dr. Koos walking into the room and putting the IV on me. Next thing you know, I was lights out and I woke up 45 minutes later feeling out of it. I didn’t remember a thing! I was brought to the recovery room and stumbled a bit, but then left after 10 minutes later.

He prescribed me all the medication that I needed and more, so I never had to call him back for something stronger. I was in very little pain afterwards, but my jaw was stiff for the 1st few days. After about 4 days, I stopped taking my pain medication. I am writing this review 11 days after my surgery and I am feeling pretty much 90% now (no pain, just a little jaw stiffness left). Another thing about Dr. Koos is that he calls you the same night after surgery and ask you how you are doing. He gives you his cell phone number, so if you have any questions, you can call him directly. +2 stars!

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