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Discount Dental Implants: Too good to be true?

Discount Dental Implants: Too good to be true?

As a consumer, you have access to more information and more options than ever when it comes to selecting your level of dental surgery care, your insurance plans, and even your dental provider. Armed with information from internet marketers, television and radio commercials, and social media outlets, many dental patients are able to play a more active role in the decisions regarding their health. But, in dentistry, as well as in other aspects of life, the motto “Buyer Beware” still applies.  In fact, since an implant will become an integrated component of your body, only the best should be chosen.

In terms of tooth replacements such as dental implants, the recent surge of discount offerings and “Daily Deals” may persuade even the most discriminating patient to shop around for a bargain. As you navigate these offers and promotions, it is important that you are particularly aware of the potential problems that can be associated with deals that just sound too good to be true.

Today, there are hundreds of companies manufacturing dental implants (specifically, the hardware and fixtures that your oral surgeon will place into your jawbone), but only a small percentage of these companies have been found to meet ADA (American Dental Association) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards for safety and quality. In fact, a mere 6-10 of these companies have taken the initiative to ensure that their products meet or exceed these stringent standards.

For your health and safety, the quality of the dental implant materials is just as important as the skill of the oral surgeon- a specialist who is receives the most comprehensive and best training available for dental implant surgery and bone grafting – who should be the only one performing the implant procedure. For instance, non-regulated implant materials that may have been manufactured overseas can be purchased by general dentists, who typically have insufficient training, for as little as $5 per implant, compared to a high-quality FDA and ADA- approved implant that may cost your dentist as much as $500. As a consumer, you should be aware that the cheaper products have not passed clinical trials or undergone any formal review process. The result can be the use of materials that are dangerous to your health or inferior in terms of long-term success.  Your mouth and overall health are worth more than a bargain hunt.

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