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Oral Surgery Patient Review- Jori C. Libertyville, IL

Oral Surgery Patient Review- Jori C. Libertyville, IL

I had a bridge implant done here. The doctors and nurses are absolutely top notch. You will be extremely well taken care of, and they are the ultimate professionals.

The problem is the office staff. In September 2011 I called to make an appointment. Someone took my insurance number, and said she had to contact United Healthcare before I came in. A week later, Ora called and said that United didn’t recognize the policy (never had this issue before). This went on and on for nearly 2 months, even AFTER I said I would just pay for the initial visit to get the ball rolling. I was so frustrated, that I asked for her email and took pictures of the front and back of the card and sent it to her-this solved it for some reason. The problem now was that we were leaving in a few weeks for Christmas break, and there wasn’t enough time in the calendar year to start the surgery, and for me to take advantage of my $2,000 that my insurance would have covered.

Fast forward to 2012. Surgery went great, dealing with the staff and insurance did not. My husband has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years, and he says he has never had such issues with a healthcare provider. So far he has experienced 4 instances of the Ora staff saying they sent an email that he did not receive. He gets email every day without issue. He also has had multiple instances of the Ora staff saying they contacted United Healthcare about one thing or another, and United telling my husband that that wasn’t the case.

I want to reiterate that I was very, very pleased with the care I received from the doctors and nurses. The office staff is friendly, but that’s about it.

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