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Oral Surgery Patient Review – Sandy L., Chicago, Illinois

Oral Surgery Patient Review – Sandy L., Chicago, Illinois

My sister RAVED about Dr. Koos. After having the same dentist and oral surgeon for years, you can become a little apprehensive about trying someone new. She had a wonderful experience and wanted me to try him out.

My wisdom teeth were impacted (past tense so obviously they are no longer with me) and were causing severe overcrowding of my other teeth. I went to my oral surgeon for a consultation and after he provided me with a bill that was the equivalent of a hefty down payment on a car, I gave Koos a call.

The ladies at the front were very informative and helpful. The office is ritzy. Like W Hotel meets Japanese waterfront ritzy. But it was a nice change of pace and very calming. Trish (tall black girl) was a great assistant and was very good company while waiting on the good doctor. When Koos came in he was nothing as I expected him to be. And that’s nothing against him, I just have low expectations of people in general. That was a joke. Koos is soft spoken, EXTREMELY professional, thorough and has this alluring aura about him. Like the hot nerd that you would trust with your credit card number. But I digress. He explained to me everything that he was going to do during the procedure, my x-rays, aftercare and even gave me suggestions about braces. You can tell he has a passion for what he does.

The big day arrived after EASY scheduling of my surgery. I believe the girls at the front saw my look of…terror. They tried to help ease all the anxiety and were quite successful. Jackie, (another assistant) brought me back and was so pleasant! This is where it took a left turn. There was rock music playing in the back. Now for anybody else that would be a deterrent but for an eccentric individual like myself it was awesome! It was so deliciously random and unexpected it actually made me look forward to Koos’ handiwork.

They gave me the laughing gas which was…an experience. You know that scene from Pulp Fiction where John Travolta is driving down the road to pick up Mia after getting high? And everything was in slow motion? You feel like that with the gas. Koos came in, put the teeny tiny butterfly in my arm and he didn’t even get a chance to tell me to count backwards before I was out like a light. 40 minutes later I wake up to Trish (which wasn’t a bad sight at all) helping me out of the chair and into the recovery room. Again, they explained to my sister all the instructions for aftercare and ways of contacting them if anything should go wrong.

*insert disclaimer here* Now I will warn you my AFTER experience isn’t like the rest. I have lupus and have had several surgeries in the past so my tolerance for pain killers, pain and inflammation etc is extremely high. They tell you the numbing should last 6-8 hrs. Mine lasted about 2. They say you shouldn’t be experiencing discomfort until much later. Within 2 hrs of arriving home I had the most excruciating pain I’ve felt in a LONG time. But once I took the painkillers and Vicodin I was too high to care anymore. This marks day 5 or 6 since my surgery and my jaw is still swollen and I’m in a lot of pain. BUT! For people with autoimmune disorders this is not uncommon. The surgery was quite traumatic to my body and it reacted in a volatile way. That doesn’t mean that this will happen to everyone because it won’t. It doesn’t mean Koos botched the surgery because he most certainly didn’t. The only negative that I have with the experience is the pain. The items in the kit he provides work wonders for pain relief and oral hygiene. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! They will help you tremendously. All in all I had an excellent experience at Ora. Hopefully I’ll have no reason to go back  but if I had to I would. Check out Dr. Koos! You’ll be glad you did!

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