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Part1: Wisdom Teeth Removal Can Be Fun – Ellen Degeneres Says So!

Part1: Wisdom Teeth Removal Can Be Fun – Ellen Degeneres Says So!

This is the first of a three part series on real life examples of how having your wisdom teeth extracted can actually be a fun experience. Wisdom teeth removal can sometimes be a daunting experience for some, especially if you are the type of person that dislikes any trip to the dentist, let alone a dental surgery visit to the oral and maxillofacial surgeon. But rest assured, that with comfortable, safe sedation and a skillfully trained surgical team like at ORA, the procedure will be quite easy to endure.  In fact, many patients are amazed that they feel nothing, remember nothing and when they wake up, some even refuse to believe that the extraction of their impacted wisdom teeth is over.

Many amusing videos have been filmed by family members and friends of their loved ones during the oral surgery experience and recovery period.  Many of these have been posted on Youtube.  The Ellen Show has taken a liking to the whole “enjoyable wisdom tooth experience” and the initial post anesthesia hilarity, so much so, that she has even featured several segments dedicated to this topic.  Ellen has even invited these oral surgery patients onto her show for an interview to share their funny experiences with all of America.

The team at ORA Oral Surgery & Implant Studio in Chicago wanted to share this segment with you to demonstrate what “Unicorns and the Land of Blueberries” have in common with getting your impacted wisdom teeth taken out!


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