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Patient Review From Jada Z., Chicago, Illinois

Patient Review From Jada Z., Chicago, Illinois

I would give this place 10 stars if I could.

I had three of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday (my fourth one never formed). That was the first time I was under the general anesthesia so I was a little nervous.

The nurse (I am really bad with remembering names and I couldn’t find her name on the ORA website) was really nice and made me feel comfortable from the moment she came for me into the waiting room. She obviously knew what she was doing and was ready to answer all my questions. I had only two, but still…

The real HERO of yesterday was Dr. Koos. He came to explain the procedure and I felt like I am talking with a good friend, although that was the first time I saw him.
I cannot write about the procedure itself because I just took a nice nap and woke up when it was over. Dr. Koos was in the room and explained how everything went; he also followed up with a phone call last night.

I didn’t respond well to painkillers (I sometimes get nausea just from taking vitamins so it was not a big surprise to me). I took only one pill after surgery and decided to “deal with the pain” afterwards. I was able to sleep through the night and the pain is minimal. That just shows how good of a sergeon Dr Koos is! (Please, don’t understand me wrong I recommend to follow Dr Koos instructions and take all the painkillers he prescribes for maximum comfort.)

To sum up, Dr Koos is incredible! Professional, down to earth, with amazing bedside manners… I highly recommend ORA dental.

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