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Dental Implants: Will I need a traditional “sinus lift”, also know as sinus augmentation or sinus grafting?

Dental Implants: Will I need a traditional “sinus lift”, also know as sinus augmentation or sinus grafting?

implant dentist ChicagoA sinus lift is a common dental surgical procedure that can be performed prior to, or at the time of, dental implant placement. In this procedure, the bone and related anatomy at the bottom of the sinus cavity is augmented to create the needed vertical height to provide a more ideal environment for a dental implant.

To best position you for a successful implant, Dr. Steven Koos, your implant dentist serving Downtown Chicago, will need to assess the proposed location for your replacement tooth. If the quality or quantity of the bone structure is deemed inadequate, the implant may fail to heal properly if bone grafting is not done due to a lack of vertical support. Fortunately, this determination does not necessarily prevent you from enjoying a healthy dental implant. Instead, additional procedures may be recommended to provide increased support for the new tooth.

As it related to the actual sinus cavity, a sinus lift can only be performed in the upper jaw. A sinus lift is never relevant when an implant is used to replace a missing lower tooth. When an upper tooth needs to be replaced with a dental implant, the location of the floor of the sinus cavity should be verified with the use of advanced 3D dental x-rays. If roots of the upper teeth tend to extend towards and into the sinus, then it is reasonable to expect that the proposed dental implant will also extend into the same area.

To prepare the bone in the vicinity of the sinus, your implant dentist will carefully make a small window in the bony wall of the sinus and raise or “lift” the floor of the sinus membrane.  The new space will then be filled with natural or artificial bone and be permitted to heal. With the additional vertical bone depth, the implant can be expected to heal properly with support throughout its length and serve you well for many years.

There are a number of available procedures designed to improve the success of your dental implant. Since every procedure is not recommended in every instance, trust Dr. Koos to select the procedures that are best for you. Start by calling ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio in Chicago, Illinois to schedule your consultation to discuss dental implants today.


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