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Piezosurgery Reduces Post-operative Discomfort

Piezosurgery Reduces Post-operative Discomfort

PiezosurgeryFor patients in Chicago considering dental surgery, selecting a skilled oral surgeon is only a portion of the challenge. Selecting an oral surgeon who is concerned with your safety and comfort and one who utilizes cutting-edge technology can really make the difference in the outcome of your procedure.

During a surgical procedure, an oral surgeon is faced with many important concerns. Addressing your surgical needs in an efficient and safe manner is a high priority. Using the most minimally invasive techniques and preserving as much of your anatomy as possible should also be a top concern. The level of care that is provided in the surgical setting can directly influence your level of post-operative discomfort as well as the speed of your healing.

Often times, access to state of the art dental surgery equipment can improve an oral surgeon’s accuracy and efficiency during a given procedure. These advantages translate into speedier and less stressful procedures for both the patient and the surgeon. The appropriate equipment can also improve your comfort and safety both during and after the procedure.

The Piezosurgery technology is an example of the type of advanced dental surgery equipment that can significantly improve the outcome of your procedure. Utilizing controlled, ultrasound microvibrations, Dr. Steven Koos, your Chicago oral surgeon, can reduce bone down to microscopic levels without generating damaging heat and without injuring adjacent the soft tissue – something that traditional rotary bur dental surgery devices can not accomplish. By using precise measurements and a high level of control, surgical stress is significantly minimized.

This revolutionary technology can be used for a wide range of surgical procedures involving the bone. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Tooth extraction (wisdom teeth removal)
  • Periodontal surgery
  • Bone grafting
  • Dental implant placement
  • Ridge augmentation
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Sinus lift

Lower Risks, Better Outcomes, Easier Recovery

The predictability and precision of the Piezosurgery dental surgery system make it a favorite among advanced oral surgeons like Stven Koos DDS, MD, as well as his patients. Following the use of the Piezosurgery technology, patients can enjoy less swelling and less discomfort because there is a drastic reduction in hard tissue trauma as compared to the traditional dental drill.

Dr. Koos feels that your degree of post-operative comfort is an important aspect of the success of your dental surgery and overall experience. To learn more about how Piezosurgery technology can improve the outcome of your treatment, contact our Chicago IL oral surgery practice to schedule your appointment.


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