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Review from Mary W. Chicago, IL

Review from Mary W. Chicago, IL

I want to second the experiences that many people have written on this page. The dental care at this office is fabulous. Dr. Koos removed my wisdom teeth and the process was as painless as it could be. From waiting room to chair, they allowed no time for me to panic, were very reassuring, and very kind after I had awoken. Dr. Kralj also filled cavities and it was again, as painless a process as it could be. The office is beautiful, the dental staff are very professional and obviously skilled. I would give the dental care I received here five stars.

However, as noted by another customer noted, I had serious problems with the front desk staff. Between my initial consultation appointment and my surgery, I called multiple times to ask if they had heard back from my insurance company regarding my claim and subsequent payment plan. Each time, I was told that the claim had been submitted but no confirmation received. Finally, only a few days before my surgery, I called and after pressing the woman further, found that no claim had been submitted. When I pressed them to contact the insurance company, Kate, the woman working with Ora said she would. When I called the next day, three days before my surgery, she had still not called my insurance company yet. After I expressed my frustration again, they finally contacted the insurance company, two months after they said they would. Moreover, throughout the process each person I talked to was quick to say that she had never updated my file and she didn’t have any responsibility for the mix up.

For such a wonderful clinic, the front desk staff is poor.

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