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Is it time to replace my dentures?

Is it time to replace my dentures?

People who wear dentures usually find that their fit deteriorates over time. When the teeth have been extracted or have fallen out, as is the case with denture wearers, the jaw bone no longer can rely on the teeth’s roots as structural anchors to stimulate it.  As a result, that bone erodes, altering the shape that the denture was originally designed to fit. Eventually, the bone resorption progresses to a point at which the denture must be replaced.

This type of dentures dilemma can be resolved with a visit to Dr. Steven Koos, your Chicago Loop oral surgeon, who can place dental implants to secure an entire arch of artificial teeth and replace dentures permanently.

Dental implants present a superior tooth replacement method because they prevent the bone loss that alters the fit of dentures.  The implants essentially replace the function of the tooth’s root, warding off further deterioration of the bone.

Dr. Koos may even be able to help denture wearers in the Chicago Loop who have already suffered some bone loss by using an implant placement approach known as All-on-4 dental implants, which holds the denture in place using just four strategically placed implants.  The bone wears away most quickly where it is the thinnest, which is in the rear of the upper jaw.  The All-on-4 technique maximizes the available bone toward the front of the jaw, startegically angling the implants below the gumline to ensure that there is room to accommodate them.

The artificial arch of teeth can be designed to the patient’s specifications, creating a smile that is remarkably natural in its appearance.  Dentures held in place by dental implants are easy to care for as well.  In some cases, they may be removed and cleaned in the same way as traditional dentures.

If it has been a few years since your dentures were originally fitted and you’ve noticed that your dentures are starting to slip out of place on a regular basis, call 312.328.9000 to schedule an appointment with our Chicago oral surgery All-on-4 center to see if dental implants would be appropriate in your case.

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