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Top ten reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed – No. 1

Top ten reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed – No. 1

oral surgeon ChicagoAfter reading the previous blog entries in this series, you should be well aware of the many risks associated with keeping your third molars, otherwise known as your wisdom teeth, past your early twenties.  Here’s a quick refresher on a few of the main reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed by this experienced oral surgeon in Chicago:

  • It’s almost impossible to keep wisdom teeth clean, which increases your risk of developing an infection or gum disease.
  • Wisdom teeth almost always cause issues with neighboring teeth.
  • Infections that begin in the area of the wisdom teeth can spread elsewhere in the body, and the type of inflammation associated with gum disease has also been linked to other systemic conditions, like heart disease and diabetes.
  • If the wisdom teeth begin to come in but there’s no room for them in the jaw, they can crowd the other teeth.
  • Cysts, and even tumors, can develop in the vicinity of impacted wisdom teeth.
  • It may be more difficult for an oral surgeon to remove wisdom teeth in older patients because the teeth’s roots are longer and more solidly anchored to the jawbone.

The top reason for having your wisdom teeth extracted, above all of those factors, is for your own peace of mind. When your wisdom teeth are no longer present, you won’t have to worry that you might allow damage to neighboring teeth, develop an infection or a even a cyst. By having this procedure done at a relatively early age, you can rest assured that you should avoid the many complications associated with keeping the wisdom teeth.

Even if you are older than your mid-twenties, you should still visit this Chicago oral surgeon to have the wisdom teeth removed. Even though you’ll be having the surgery a bit later than many patients, you will still benefit from reducing your chances of losing adjacent teeth, developing infections and gum disease.

If you’ve not yet had your wisdom teeth extracted, schedule a consultation soon with Dr. Steven A. Koos, a dual-degreed oral surgeon in Chicago to plan for their removal. You’ll be so glad that you did.

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