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What is Oral Conscious Sedation?

What is Oral Conscious Sedation?

When you are in search of a sedation dentist or a dental office that offers sedation dentistry, what you are really seeking is an opportunity to relax and de-stress during your treatment. In fact, millions of dental patients are finding that there is no need to grasp the armrests of the dental chair or fight through an anxiety attack just to have a wisdom tooth extracted or a dental implant placed.

Instead of suffering the consequences of your dental phobia, or to take the edge off during a more involved or lengthy surgical procedure, you may want to discuss your other options for sedation. But, with so many claims about the various forms of sedation and anesthesia, how can you be sure that you are requesting the appropriate form of sedation?

You should basically adhere to the recommendations of your oral surgeon because they deal with patients every day and also perform the procedures every day.  This makes their suggestions the most trustworthy.  With prescription medications that are administered orally (pills or liquid), a lowered level of consciousness can be achieved prior to the start of your dental treatment. Though you will still be able to breathe and maintain your physical movements, you may feel partly drowsy. This very light state of relaxation is known as oral conscious sedation.

Many patients appreciate this technique, but only for basic dental procedures like deep cleanings and fillings, because they are able to maintain normal body functioning but very little memory. Since the medications are taken by mouth, there is no need for intravenous (IV) solutions or breathing mechanisms.  It is the least effective method though, and not adequate for oral surgery of any kind.

Walking into a surgical dental visit can be overwhelming. Though every effort has been taken to ensure your safety and comfort, the sights and sounds of the treatment room can be unsettling. When you would prefer to enjoy a brief and safe mental escape from the procedure, and when you are interested in worry-free or pain-free dentistry, you will appreciate the advantages of modern medicine. In particular, you will enjoy the easy and effective benefits of all forms of sedation dentistry.

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