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Why are teeth extracted and what can make it easier?

Why are teeth extracted and what can make it easier?

Chicago tooth extractionA Chicago patient’s tooth extraction may be necessary for any number of reasons. A patient in perpetual pain may request a tooth extraction as a solution. Advanced decay or a significant abscess may have rendered a tooth unsalvageable. A tooth may need to be extracted if there’s no room in the jaw to accommodate it, as is the case with wisdom teeth or an impacted adult tooth. Teeth may also need to be removed as part of orthodontic treatment to reduce crowding.

In some cases, a tooth extraction can be a simple straightforward procedure that should really be performed by a dual degree oral maxillofacial surgeon just in case of troubles or complications. For simple tooth extractions in Chicago, patients must have a sufficient amount of the crown’s structure for this oral surgeon to be able to grasp the crown with forceps and remove it from the bone. This type of tooth extraction can be performed in this expert oral surgeon’s Chicago office, using local anesthesia or with nitrous oxide in addition.

An experienced dual degree oral surgeon needs to be involved in more complex cases of tooth extractions. A more extensive procedure is required when little of the crown remains or if the tooth is impacted—as wisdom teeth often are—and never erupted to begin with. Oral surgeons must get at the tooth’s root in a different, more direct fashion in complex extractions. The oral surgeon often needs to cut into the gums or carefully drill into the jawbone to get better access to the tooth’s root.

Wisdom teeth removal and other complex extractions take a longer time, and patients prefer to choose sedation dentistry in addition to the local anesthesia for superior comfort.

To make any type of tooth extraction go more smoothly, patients should plan to have an escort accompany them home from the appointment and have some sort of adjunctive sedation. Post-extraction patients will be in no shape to drive themselves home after the procedure. Patients should also give the surgeon a complete list of their medications, as some medications can affect the healing process or increase the chances of prolonged bleeding. If undergoing general anesthesia, patients will need to fast at least 8 hours prior to the appointment.

A decaying or abscessed tooth can have wide-reaching negative effects on your health, so you should consider extraction if your natural tooth cannot be saved. Call ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio

at 312.328.9000 and schedule your consultation to develop a plan for comfortable tooth extraction and an uneventful recovery.

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