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Will I be without teeth after dental implant surgery?

Will I be without teeth after dental implant surgery?

Post Dental Implant SurgeryPatients who have suffered tooth loss don’t want to wait any longer than absolutely necessary for their replacement teeth. In fact, many patients ask the implant dentist if they’ll get their replacement teeth at the same appointment as dental implant placement.

The implant itself is the titanium post that the implant dentist surgically inserts into the jaw. The bone then forms a bond with that implant, which in turn supports a prosthetic crown, bridge or denture.

In the past, dental implants were designed in a way that required a second surgery after osseointegration was complete in order to uncover the platform that supports the prosthetic.

Newer designs have improved on that process, and many implant dentists are now using single-stage implant techniques that can be loaded the day of the placement procedure. Patients can have a completely restored smile in just a matter of hours.

Even edentulous patients can get a new smile in a single day, thanks to a treatment option called All-on-Four. With this intervention, the implant dentist places four implants at the front of the jaw to support a denture. The entire procedure takes just a few hours, including the fitting of the prosthetic arch.

While many patients may get to leave the implant dentist’s office with a complete smile on the day of implant surgery, each case is unique, and the implant dentist will make treatment recommendations that are most appropriate for your situation.

For example, patients who have experienced extensive bone loss may need to have a bone graft first to increase the chances of long-term implant success. Patients must have sufficient bone at the implant site in order for osseointegration to proceed.

Many patients are able to be fitted with a prosthetic replacement tooth (or teeth) on the day of dental implant surgery, but you should consult with your implant dentist to learn what kind of treatment plan you can expect in your specific case.

To learn more about your treatment options, contact Chicago’s premiere dental surgery clinic, ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio, at 312-328-9000.

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