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Wisdom Teeth Patient Review Chicago Oral Surgery – Grace K Chicago, Illinois

Wisdom Teeth Patient Review Chicago Oral Surgery – Grace K Chicago, Illinois

One of my bottom wisdom teeth had started to become a real nuisance to me in the past few months so I finally checked the local oral surgeons to see when and how quickly I could get the issue resolved.  My insurance had given me pages of offices that they claimed were in my network, and it was a GOD SEND that Dr. Koos and Ora Surgery were on that list.  I had called at least a dozen and gotten really poor customer service or felt instantly distrustful due to poor reviews, etc.  But Dr. Koos had amazing reviews and one more coming his way.

From the first interactions with his front desk, to the initial consultation, to the scheduling and the actual surgery – everyone was respectful and courteous and knowledgeable and it instantly put me to ease.  I was nervous about the general anesthesia, but his assistant worked confidently and with ease and before I knew it, I went from looking up at their blue sky ceiling to being walked to my ride home.  They gave me a bag full of information and everything that I needed for a smooth recovery.  It’s the first morning after my two lower wisdom teeth were extracted and I feel great!  It was also so great that Dr. Koos calls to check up after the surgery to make sure that you understand the care plan for the next few days, in case you were too groggy to remember immediately after the surgery.

I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend that you come here for any oral surgery needs.  They were amazing.

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